So, I put my creative thinking cap on, and after thousands of hours plugging away on the latest artwork doohickies and thingamajiggers, I've released hundreds of quality pumpkin patterns to the world. It's true, the patterns don't cost you a penny, but if you do want to support PumpkinPile, visit www.worldvision.org and make a donation.


Well, enough about my juices. Thank you for visiting, the site is pretty simple to use. The navigation above gets you pretty much anywhere you need to get going to. So, get going...and happy carving, friends!


The Pumpkin Carving Guru

Legal Stuff

Pumpkin Pile takes absolutely no responsibility for your pumpkin caving mishaps. If you lose a finger, don't come crying to us...run to the emergency room! If you burn your fingers on a candle, that's tragic...but not our fault. In fact, I highly recommend you use a very boring and predictable electric light rather than an open flame. Seriously, we're not held liable for anything at all in your life. Second, some of these pumpkin patterns are based off of famous characters and icons we've all come to know and love. These characters remain the property of their respective owners. Feel free to link to anything on this site. Blah, blah, blah. Now, get out there and have a Happy Halloween!

Carving for OVER 30 Years!

I remember the first time I carved a pumpkin. There wasn't these fancy "pumpkin carving kits" back then. In the 80s it was all about, "grab the sharpest knife you can find in your mom's kitchen," and go to town. Well, a lot of cut fingers and bruised egos later, brings us to today...I have become a Pumpkin Carving Guru.


A few years ago, my son asked me to carve a pumpkin of one of his favorite cartoon characters. I searched the Internet for that feller, and came up empty handed. Sure, I came close, but didn't find the actual cartoon character he was looking for. And, if I did find a cartoon pattern, it cost an arm and a leg.

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